What Price Would You Put on True Life-Long Happiness?

Loving coupleNothing is more intoxicating and powerful than the love that attracts two people to the point of committing their lives to each other – marriage. The beauty and sweetness makes one see no faults; the only thing they see is promise and happiness!

What started out as “we,” quickly becomes “me.” When it’s about one person and not the two in a relationship, a downward spiral commences that is destined to end in bitterness, broken hearts, suffering children, a burden on society and despair. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Marriage and the Love Myth

upset coupleMany believe love is enough. It sounds profound and romantic, but it’s a myth that will leave the best-intentioned reeling from the rude awakening that emotions alone do not create a solid foundation. Emotions shade the truth, disguises reality and paints it rose colored, or in the opposite extreme of utter disaster – and neither is true.

What if you could remove those emotional glasses and could see the reality; what would that do for your chances at true happiness? What if you were armed with truth that would reinforce your decisions and commitment, leading to the marriage you truly wanted, would you want this information?   Learn More

Marriage and the Love Myth

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